The Bhopal School of Social Sciences
An Autonomous Institution Run by the Archdiocese of Bhopal
Re-accredited with 'A' Grade CGPA 3.27 Cycle 3 by NAAC
Affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal
Regd. No. 3286, 01-05-1972, Estd. 1972
The Bhopal School of Social Sciences
An Autonomous Institution Run by the Archdiocese of Bhopal
Re-accredited with 'A' Grade CGPA 3.27 Cycle 3 by NAAC
ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 Certified Institute
Affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal
BA (Honours) Economics
BA (Honours) Economics

B.A. Economics Honours
This three year (6 Semesters)degree course offers economics as a majorproviding specialised theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject by dealing with the various economic issues arising at both micro and macro levels.  It focusses on approaching the subject in a logical way strengthening the analytical and opinion forming abilities of the learner. Course Contents of EconomicsPapers:


Title of the Paper



Micro Economics     

Scope&NatureofEconomics; Utility–Cardinal&OrdinalApproaches;
ElasticityofDemand;LawsofProduction; Markets–Concept&Classification;


Agricultural Economics

Rural Economy of India; Development of Agriculture; Agrarian Relations &
Land Reforms in India; Technological Change in Agriculture; Other Aspects
 of Indian Agriculture


Indian Economy

StructureofIndianEconomy;HumanInfrastructureofIndianEconomy; Agriculture;
SmallScale&CottageIndustries; PlanninginIndia


History of Economic Thought

Mercantilism &Physiocrats; Classical Thoughts;Neo-Classical Orthodoxy; High Theory; New Welfare Economics & Economic Theories of Justice; Indian Economic Thought


Macroeconomics & Money &Banking

National Income; Classical & Keynesian Theory of Employment; Savings, Investment & Capital Formation; Money & Banking


Industrial Economics

Nature &Scope of Industrial Economics;Industrial Location Analysis; Industrial Finance &Investment Decisions; Market & Industrial Efficiency; Government Regulation of Industry


Research Methodology for Economics

 Nature of Social & Business Research;

Selection of Research Problem &Research Design; Sample Design & Hypothesis Testing; Methods of Data Collection, Data Processing, Analysis & Interpretation; Report Writing



International Economics & Public Finance

Public Finance; Finance Commission Terms of Trade; Balance of Payment; India’s Direction of Foreign Trade; Exchange Rate


Mathematical Economics

Basic Concepts- Numbers, Sets, Operation on Sets, The Number of Elements in Set, Ordered Pairs, Cartesian Product, Relations, Index & Rules of Index; Limits & Continuity; Functions; Matrices&Determinants; Differentiation & Integral Calculus



Population Study & Demography;                                                                Theories of Population; Sources of Demographic Data in India; Techniques of Analysis; Population Projection; Population Policy


Development & Environmental Economics

Growth Models; Problems of  Population & Poverty; Development Theories; Monetary & Fiscal  Policy, Direct Foreign Investment; Environmental Leakages; Property Rights



Definition, Scope & Goals of Econometrics; Methodology of Econometric research; Nature of Regression Analysis; Two- Variable Regression Analysis; Hypothesis Testing; Application of Econometric Methods


Labour Economics

Introduction to Labour Economics; Labour Market Analysis; Wage Determination; Analysis of Employment and Unemployment; Trade Unions & Collective Bargaining


Quantitative Techniques      

Descriptive Statistics- Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion, Correlation, Regression, Index Numbers, Time Series; Probability; Research & Report Writing


Business Environment

Theoretical Framework; Economic Environment of Business; Political & legal Environment of Business; Socio- Cultural & International Environment


Computer Applications in Economics (Tentative)


Program Specific Outcomes
UG Courses Offered
B.Com (Honours)
B.Com (Applied Economics)
B.Com (Tax Procedure & Practice)
B.Com (Computer)
B.Com (Foreign Trade Practices & Sales Management)
B.Com (Tour & Travels Management)
B.Com (Principles Practice & Management of Insurance)
B.Com (Advertising, Sales Promotion & Sales Management)
BA Pass Course
BA Management
BA (Honours) Social Work
BA (Honours) Economics
BA (Honours) English Literature
BA (Honours) Psychology
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