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An Autonomous Institution Run by the Archdiocese of Bhopal
Re-accredited with 'A' Grade CGPA 3.27 Cycle 3 by NAAC
Affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal
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The Bhopal School of Social Sciences
An Autonomous Institution Run by the Archdiocese of Bhopal
Re-accredited with 'A' Grade CGPA 3.27 Cycle 3 by NAAC
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Affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal
IQAC Activities 2017-18
IQAC Activities 2017-18
Highlight of Activities 2017-18

Sl No Date Name of the Activity Resource Person/Coordinator/ Convener Participants
1 15 July, 2017 Session on Role of Class Counsellors in Enhancing the performance of Students Dr.Jagtar Kaur Chawla (Academic Consultant) Class Counsellors
2 22 July , 2017 Role and Functions of IQAC Dr. Shashi Rai (Ex-UGC, Member) Teaching Staff
3 16 September, 2017 Orientation for Committees Dr.Sheeba Joseph Committee Members
4 13 Oct, 2017 Orientation for IQAC-Squadron Dr.Sheeba Joseph Committee Members
5 23- 26 Oct, 2017 Quality Week IQAC Students
6 25th- 30th Nov,2017 Basics of MS-Excel : Hands-on Training Programme Faculty Members of Computer Application Department Faculty Members of Humanities
7 15-21 Dec, 2017 Mentoring and Monitoring Visit IQAC Committee In Charges
8 15-17 Jan, 2018 Soft Skill Lab: Hands-on Training Programme in Communication, Public Speaking & Media Ms. Debra Efforymson (Executive Director, IWB-Dhaka) Students
9 19 & 20 January 2018 NAAC Sponsored National Seminar on Role of IQAC in Enhancing the Quality of Education in HEIs Dr.Pramila Maini
Prof.Kumar Suresh
Dr.Shashi Rai
Dr.G.K. Arora
Academicians, Research Scholars and Students from all over India

Session on Roles and Functions of IQAC in Higher Education Institutes

Resource Person: Dr. Shashi Rai (Ex-UGC member)
Date: 22/09/2017

Dr.Shashi Rai spoke about IQAC and its function. It was mentioned that IQAC plays a vital role in quality assurance and building of the institution. She opined that there should be a think-tank to guide the IQAC of the institution. The IQAC should adopt strategies to plan, monitor and evaluate every activity of the institution. She also shared her ideas and strategies implemented in various higher education institutes. She shared the areas of concern and challenged as under:
  1. Planning
  2. Governance and Execution
  3. Academic Upkeep
  4. Leadership

Role of IQAC

  • To attain and sustain quality
  • Constant watch, vigil and upkeep
  • Accountability
  • Think-tank committee

She also suggested an extended committee to be constituted with external members to advice IQAC. She mentioned three approaches of IQAC.

  • Static Approach
  • Dynamic Approach
  • Normative Approach

Session on Role of Class Counsellors in enhancing the performance of the students
Dr.Jagtar Kaur Chawla
Professor Emeritus & Academic Consultant

The main aim or objective of the session was to give better understanding for the faculty members on the role of class counsellors. The resource person was professor (emeritus)Dr.Jagtar Kaur Chawla. She is also an Academic Consultant, offered an orientation for the faculty members regarding the role of class counsellors in enhancing the performance of students. Dr.Chawla from her extensive experience spoke about how to create interest among the students in the teaching learning process through innovative ways. Apart from the attendance and CCE entry, it is the duty of the class counsellors to have a positive professional interaction with the students. This rapport will help the students to share their concern with the teachers. The resource person explained the following points to facilitate:

  1. Smooth conduct of the administration of academic processes
  2. Optimal academic development and accomplishments
  3. Social interaction - between students & with teachers

To provide personal help wherever possible in emotional and social matters. The session was also to provide information on:

  • facilities and activities offered in college
  • on courses
  • college resources - from where to get what
  • beyond the college resources
  • career planning and options

Help students cope with

  • peer pressure 
  • academic and social pressure
  • building healthy relationship with opposite gender

Nurture their personal growth

  • self-reliance
  • self-discipline
  • taking initiative
  • independence of thought
  • understanding relationships with people
  • dealing with crisis

Expectations from teachers

  • Availability and accessibility to allocated students at all times before/after class hours
  • Familiarity with students - make an effort to know every student.
  • Interact with your class outside of the curriculum on a regular basis.


Quality Week (23-26 October 2017)

The main objectives of the Quality Week were as follows:

  • Emphasiseon the importance, roles and functions of IQAC among the students
  • Find the prospective candidates who could be part of the Skill Lab from the college
  • Ascertain the interest among the students regarding higher education secto

All the class counsellors were given a short video recording of ten minutes' duration on IQAC. It was played on 23rd October Monday during the class counsellors interaction with the students. On 24th an Interdepartmental Quiz competition was conducted and 8 teams participated in the event. On 25th an interdepartmental debate competition was organized, there were teams from five departments. The topic of the debate was Higher Education must or a Facade.

On 26th an Essay competition was organized and around 30 students participated in the competition. The topic was Status of Higher Education in India. For individual events, teacher In-Charges were given responsibility for the smooth execution of the programme. Few students from the events participated in the Skill Lab training for which was provided in January, 2018.

Soft Skill Training Programme on 15, 16, 17 January 2018

Ms. Debra Efforymson, Executive Director of Institute of Well- being, Dhaka and the Regional Director - South Asia of Health Bridge Foundation Canada took a three-day workshop on Public Speaking, communication skills and media for the students of BSSS. Around thirty students participated in the Quality Week. The participants got hands on training in all the three areas. The limited number of participants helped the resource person to cater to the need of each participant.

National Seminar Sponsored by NAAC

"Role of IQAC in enhancing the Quality of Education in Higher Education Institutes"

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) organized a NAAC sponsored national seminar on 19 and 20 January 2018 on the topic of "Role of IQAC in enhancing the Quality of Education in Higher Education Institutes".
The key note speaker of the seminar was Dr. Kumar Suresh, who is currently heading the department of educational planning and administration at National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), New Delhi. In his address Dr. Kumar Suresh one by one touched upon aspects of quality. He said that happiness and smiling faces are the guarantee of quality which he said he could see the member he entered into BSSS campus. Given the fact that quantity of institutions of higher education is on rise, does not tantamount to the rise in quality. After his detailed evaluation, he urged thinkers and scholars to discuss and deliberate upon the existing frameworks of mapping quality among institutions of higher education in India. He said that the time has come when Indian institutions should think about it and develop their own criteria that is matching with the international quality requirements, at the same time captures the unique identity of India and their local areas.

Dr.Pramila Maini ex-director IEHE Bhopal, said that educations need to fill the gap skill and knowledge. The soft skills of students need to be improved. Sometime language is barrier so we need to remove that and culture of language barrier free education needs to be developed. Coordinator of the national seminars informed that in total 05 sessions will be containing the 60 presentations during this two-day long workshop. In the coming two days' issues like 'innovation in teaching learning process, student centric higher education, challenges and opportunities arising from globalisation of higher education, skills - knowledge interface will be discussed and deliberated.  Around 60 expert academicians will be taking part deliberating these issues. 

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